Ceramic Coating

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Coatings are a clear sacrificial layer that bonds to your vehicle and delivers long lasting shine, protection, and ease of maintenance. Coatings are generally recommended for newer vehicles to maintain their value, but are also a great choice for older vehicles that are loved by their owners. We offer several coating packages that range in price, longevity, and surface application. We have completed extensive research and testing to offer trusted coatings and a flawless installation process.

 Coatings offer the following benefits:

- Hydrophobic/water beading effect

-Easy to clean & stays clean longer

- Deep paint gloss & unmatched shine

- Protection against acid rain, fallout, UV rays & bird droppings

-Scratch, etching & water spot resistant

- Return on investment, vehicle will have added value and aesthetics

What coatings do we use?

After researching and testing several products over the years, we have landed on two coatings that we know will deliver the best results for our customers. Gtechniq & Undrdog are both companies that we have found whose products live up to their longevity claims which is why we trust them as our coating suppliers.

  • The Best Ceramic Coatings in Livingston County!

    8 hr

    Starting at $499

Please Note

The following packages include paint coatings only. If you want more than just your paint protected, contact us and we can create a coating custom package just for you! All coating services are drop off / pick up only.